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Service Level Agreements

At Spiegel & Utrera, P.A., we create service level agreements that accurately define the level of service your clients will expect from you—in support of your company’s growth and reputation. We’ll set fair remedial terms that help defend you from needless losses with reasonable penalties in the case of a breach of contract, such as when payment is not received as specified. Our service level agreements can include special provisions tailored to your industry that shield you from unnecessary liability and in favor of asset protection. We will make responsibilities, metrics, and expectations crystal-clear on an ironclad service level agreement so that neither party can claim ignorance—but mainly to help protect your business, your reputation, and your client retention rate.


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Best Practices for Service Level Agreements

A good service level agreement will:

  • Be clear, concise and succinct (replacing old fashioned legalese with modern, understandable language where and when appropriate).
  • Identify all parties involved in the transaction.
  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of each party.
  • Comply with state and federal formalities.
  • Anticipate potential conflicts, discrepancies and offer remedies.
  • Offer Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Make the opposing party pay for court and attorney’s fees in the event of arbitration or litigation.
  • State that the agreement can’t be changed, modified, or amended unless agreed and signed upon by all parties.
  • Prevents one party from soliciting staff or employees from the other party.
  • Grant that just because a party doesn’t exercise legal rights after a particular breach, will not mean that they can’t utilize them for following breaches.
  • Elect a location (legal jurisdiction) for purposes of filing a lawsuit and application of the law; they’ll have to go to that State/City to file a claim, and the law governing that area will apply on the dispute.
  • Mention that if any part of the agreement can’t get enforced, that the rest of the agreement will still be in effect.
  • Determine which party is responsible for the relevant insurance policies and their coverage amounts.
  • Prohibit one party from disparaging the other party.
  • Prevent one party from using the other party’s business info to compete with them, and inhibit unfair competition.

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The Purpose of a Service Level Agreement

An SLA, or service level agreement is a contract between a service provider and a client for the purpose of including:

  • Details on the scope of services rendered.
  • Clause(s) for termination.
  • Set responsibilities, priorities, guarantees, and expectations while establishing both the minimum and solicited level of service.
  • Accurate methods for measuring, tracking, and reporting service.
  • Specific management and recovery procedures for any issues that may arise.

Customer Service Level Agreement

Service level agreements should be designed to protect both parties entering into the deal, but in reality, most SLA’s tend to get made in favor of the service provider. If you’re the client in this scenario, it can be really expensive to hire a lawyer and get the legal advice you need to decipher any unfairness on an agreement—which is why we created the General Counsel Club; for less than 40 cents a day, our lawyers will provide unlimited legal, business, credit, and tax advice with registered agent service and attorney-client privilege.

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Service Provider Service Level Agreement

If you’re a service provider, you may be tempted to acquire a service level agreement template to avoid the costs associated with hiring a lawyer and getting it custom-made. The issue here is that you could be missing out on a lot of potential in regards to protecting your business, generating more income, and avoiding unfair liabilities. Our lawyers will create a protective service level agreement that will benefit the growth of your business, and they’ll do it with a 110% lowest price guarantee. You don’t need to break the bank or settle for a service level agreement sample that will ultimately cost you more in the long run; give us a call.

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List of Service Level Agreements

You will find a list below of professional service level agreements below. Keep in mind that we can create all service level agreements, so even if you don’t find yours on this list, go to our order page and submit your details to get a free quote and consultation for your agreement—or call our office at (800) 603-3900 to speak to our lawyers immediately.

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