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Starting a Business in Delaware

starting a business in delaware


Starting a Business in Delaware (incorporating) benefits:

  • Protect your personal assets due to no personal liability. Generally a corporation’s shareholders are not liable for any debts incurred or judgments handed down against the corporation.
  • Corporations are able to raise capital much easier than individuals.
  • Corporations may be able to sell shares in the corporation in the event that additional funds are necessary.
  • Enhance your business credibility by creating a corporate marketing framework in which to conduct business.
  • Corporations have an unlimited life span while individuals do not.
  • Gain anonymity. Provided that corporations can be anonymous.
  • A Corporation has a pre-existing body of legal precedent to guide owners, directors and officers.
  • Corporations can easily transfer ownership through the transfer of the ownership interests in the corporation generally referred to stock certificates.
  • Corporations can create tax benefits under certain circumstances. For example, deducting the cost of benefits it provides to employees and officers and maximizing the advantages of business expense write offs.



Visit us at or call us at (302) 744-9800, we are pleased to discuss any of these advantages with you.

On the Internet we all seek value, therefore we are proud to offer the STARTING A BUSINESS IN DELAWARE PACKAGE for $118.95 with a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee. This is not a stripped down, hidden charges corporation, since this is a complete Starting a Business in Delaware package, including the state filing fee. We offer the most value and the best price for anyone starting a business in Delaware.

  • State Filing Fee, “YES! Includes State Fee”
  • A Corporate Seal and Book
  • Corporate Minutes
  • Corporate ByLaws
  • Banking Resolution
  • Stock Certificate
  • Preliminary Name Search
  • 110% Lowest Price Guarantee

Please bear in mind there are absolutely no hidden fees for this Starting a Business in Delaware package, as well as no attorney’s fees!

On the Internet we all seek to know who we are dealing with. Who is the provider that will deliver as promised and on time? At We have over 243,742 satisfied clients and growing each day with 175 years of experience you can leverage when starting a business in Delaware.



There are some relevant issues you must take into consideration when you’re starting a business in Delaware:

  • Different tax advantages available to you.
  • Indemnification and covenant not to sue.
  • Federal, state and local filing requirements.
  • Name protection.
  • Choices of entity structure set up.
  • Available agreements and the importance of maintaining corporate and LLC company formalities and complete records.
  • Lease reviews.
  • Contracts.

Using a reputable law firm when starting a business in Delaware or organize your Corporation, LLC, Non-profit, or Partnership will ensure that all your bases are covered, preferably with one that provides you with legal advice and assistance even after starting a business in Delaware.

Whether you are starting a business, protecting assets, seeking anonymity, establishing a new credit profile, minimizing taxes, avoiding probate, building a brand or seeking investors, call us at (302) 744-9800 or visit; we can help.



If you visit, call (302) 744-9800 or e-mail us at; we are always available to assist you.

• Service Agreements
• Ongoing Legal Assistance
• Minority Business Certification
• Women Owned Business Certification
• Veteran Owned Small Business Certification
• Service Disabled Veteran Small Business Certification
• Choosing a Name for Your Corporation
• Federal Tax ID Number
• State Sales Tax Number
• Anonymity
• Business license
• Bank letter
• Fictitious, Assumed or Alternate Business Name
• Mail Forwarding
• Taxpayer Identification Number for Foreigner
• System for Award Management (SAM) Number
• D & B Number
• USDOT Number

As well as,

• Certificate of Good Standing
• Federal Copyright for Your Website
• Terms and Conditions for Your Website
• Privacy Policy for Your Website
• European Union Save Harbor Website Privacy Policy
• Sub Chapter S Corporation
• IRS Section 1244 Corporate Stock
• Tax Saving Lease Agreements for your Home Office, Motor Vehicle or Business and Office Equipment
• Qualified Sub Chapter S Subsidiary
• Voting Trusts
• Stock Options
• State Unemployment Tax Account Number
• Employment Agreement
• An Employee Manual
• Employee Benefits & Policies
• An Employee Warning Notice
• State New Hire Reporting
• Independent Contractor Agreement
• Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy
• Labor Law Notices

There’s more!

• Worker’s Compensation Exemption Registration for Construction
• Worker’s Compensation Exemption Registration for Non-Construction
• Daily/Weekly Time Record
• Notice of Acknowledgement of Pay Rate and Payday
• Authorization for Release of Information for Employment Screening
• Start-Up Money for Your Business
• Capital stock, non-voting stock, preferred stock
• Lender’s Agreement and Promissory Note
• Security Agreement
• Perfecting any Lien Created by the Security Agreement
• Lease Reviews
• Agreement Reviews
• Corporate Stock Purchase Agreements
• Asset Purchase Agreements
• Franchise Agreements
• Franchise Agreements Review
• Indemnification Agreement
• Shareholder’s Restrictive Agreement
• Shareholder Divorce Protection
• Avoiding Probate with the use of an Ownership Trust for Corporate Stock
• State Trademark
• State Servicemark
• Federal Trademark
• Federal Servicemark

Spiegel & Utrera, P.A.

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Customer Review
Talked with Michael. Very kind, direct and informative. Looking forward to continuing to work with them and would recommend anyone starting an LLC to use their services.
Tyrone Gibbs

Customer Review
We had our non profit corporation done by this firm and didn't have any problems, everything went great. Great firm to do business with.
Chad Lawren

Customer Review
My attorney for 30 years. They really do more than just set up corporations. I needed somebody to help me out of a serious legal matter they were able to take on the case for less than 1/2 of what the other attorney was charging me. Become a member of their Club it's like a hundred forty bucks a year and you get all the free legal advice you want. What a cheap insurance policy. I am so glad that I have them on my side.
Roger Davis

Customer Review
People can get excellent legal services here.
Emilio Ortega

Customer Review
Thank you very much for your assistance. My experience with your firm was extremely pleasant, timely, and carefree. There were also savings that I had not realized going with your firm. I really appreciate the additional information provided and the fact that your firm also provides a one stop experience. Thank you very much! I look forward to future business with your firm. Thanks again!
Derick Tanos

Customer Review
As the owner of a small business in New York I have been utilizing the services of Spiegel & Utrera for fifteen years. I have nothing but good things to say about their General Counsel service. Issues large or small, to even the most mundane legal question, I have never been disappointed with their response times (aren't lawyers famous for the nonexistent phone call!) and their expertise in small business law. My corporate books are in order - one very important thing I don't have to worry about and their fee is more than affordable for my budget. My father always said a person needs three good people in their corner, a good accountant, a good doctor and a great attorney. I've found mine.
Kaenel Gomez

Customer Review
My experience with Spiegel & Utrera, P.A., P.C. gives me peace of mind because I know that everything is in good hands. I recommend the firm Spiegel & Utrera, P.A., P.C. Blessings.
Margarita Zayas

Customer Review
We have used them to incorporate 3 separate businesses. What you receive is a quality product that gives you a turn key solution to move your business forward!!!
Mark Shea