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Illinois Corporation Resolution Form

A Illinois corporation resolution form is a legal document that directors of a corporation adopt to document consent and agreement between all relevant parties to a corporate resolution. Items of the Illinois corporation resolution form includes the date, time, location of the board of directors’ meeting, details of the decisions and resolutions made, including the names and signatures of those responsible and authorized to act in accordance with the agreement.

Illinois Corporation resolution forms are also known as corporate organizational minutes and resolutions. The corporate minutes benefit you in a variety of business and legal matters, such as borrowing money, raising capital, IRS audits, preventing shareholder or director disputes and claims, while ensuring that critical business information gets organized properly and stored with your other company records.

To create your organizational minutes/corporation resolution form, we have two available options:

1. Get our Corporate Kit for $29.95, which includes:

  • Corporate Organizational Minutes and Resolutions
  • Corporate Book and Seal with Slip Case Cover
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Corporate Ownership Register
  • Banking Resolution
  • Stock Certificates
  • Legal and Business Attorney Advice
  • Preliminary Name Search

For only $29.95, we’ll provide you with a complete corporate kit (company records book and seal); preparing your bylaws (which establish the rules of your corporation), organizational minutes, ownership register, banking resolution, business name search, and stock certificates. Our corporate kit package not only includes the preparation of these complex legal documents, but our attorneys will render free legal, business formation, credit, and tax advice to help you achieve the best outcomes for those aspects of your business. We use a high-quality vinyl binder with a slipcase cover and a custom-made corporate seal to present your corporation as an organized, professional, and reliable entity to do business with to any future lenders, investors, and partners.


2. Get a General Counsel Club membership for $139.95 per year, which includes:

  • Preparation of the notice and Minutes of your corporation’s annual meeting of shareholders or members and directors.
  • Unlimited Legal, Business, Credit, and Tax advice from our attorneys.
  • Availability of Registered Agent Service with Attorney-Client Privilege.
  • Entitlement to an advertisement for up to one year on our client bulletin board on our website.
  • Review of all mandatory state filings.
  • Access to our newsletter, “Entrepreneur’s Alert.”

View complete details and ordering information at

If you place your order online, you will be provided with a link to our annual meeting worksheet. We will use the worksheet to prepare the notice and minutes of your annual meeting. The preparation of these documents normally takes two weeks. We will e-mail them to you in a PDF format for you print, sign, and keep with your other company records.

Preview our Annual Meeting Worksheets here:

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Illinois Company Resolution Form

The contents in a corporate bylaws document may be of influence to the decisions made in the corporate resolutions form. For this reason, we recommend that entrepreneurs look to an attorney for the preparation of custom bylaws. This way, you can establish the rules of your corporation before any board of director meetings and ensure that all present are on the same page. Illinois corporation resolution forms bind all signatory directors to the responsibility and authority of carrying out the corporate resolution. A chosen secretary of the corporation certifies and signs that the time, date, location, directors, meeting decisions, and resolutions are true and correct.

Please note that Illinois corporation resolution forms are important legal documents that may get required in important business matters, such as opening corporate bank accounts or doing business with investment firms. It may also get used when another entity such as a bank requires verification of who the authorized party members are.
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