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Florida Annual Report 101

A Florida annual report is a form that you have to file with the Department of State every year for the status of your Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Non-profit to remain legally active. The reason for this Florida annual report is to keep your business records updated with the State, and is required even if none of your information has changed from the previous year. You must file Florida Sunbiz Annual Report online by the due date of May 1st—if you file late, you will incur a $400 penalty that cannot be waived and will risk the future loss of your Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Non-profit’s business name. Your business will get dissolved by the state of Florida if you don’t file Florida Sunbiz Annual Report online. Our business formation lawyers have 175 years of cumulative experience forming companies, incorporating businesses, and can help you accurately file your Florida Sunbiz Annual Report online, FAST!

We’ll file your Florida Annual Report for you accurately and fast. Making changes to a mistake in a Florida annual report will cost you $50-$60 to amend, and may cause further delays which can lead to that costly $400 late penalty! Not to mention risking the loss of your business name. Avoid all the headaches and file your Florida Annual Report with us:

  • Filing Guaranteed and On-Time!
  • Maintain Good Standing and Active Status
  • Stay off “inactive lists” with creditors and other relevant parties
  • Keep Records and Info Updated

Do you need to renew your Fictitious Name?

Fictitious names registered with your company are valid for a total of 5 years and expire on December 31st of the final year. Although a Fictitious name does not need to file a Florida Sunbiz annual report, Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. can file your fictitious name renewal. Please note that you cannot recover expired fictitious names.

Do you need to renew your Business License?

We can assist you in renewing your business license by ensuring that you have all the necessary permits, sales tax reports, and other legal documents that may be necessary for your license renewal. The State can prosecute entrepreneurs that don’t meet their licensing requirements, which may be subject to changes currently unknown to you. If you also need help understanding the legal implications of your business license expiring, the lawyers at Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. are here to assist you.

Do you need to renew your Trademark?

Remember, your Trademark will prevent copy-cats from confusing your customers and harming your reputation. To maintain your trademark, you must file a sworn statement that the mark is in use or that particular circumstances constitute non-use (and that you didn’t abandon it). The owner of the Trademark must file a sworn statement before the end of the 6th and 10th year after registration. Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. has assisted many people to register and maintain their Trademark with a cumulative 175 years of relevant legal understanding. Call us for a free consultation so that we may ease you through the Trademark renewal process. You may also visit our Trademark Registration and Renewal page to do it online.

By the way, do you need a Florida Registered Agent that can serve as an official office for your business to receive and forward important correspondence and keep you updated and aware of lawsuits, filings, notices, and more? One that’s a law firm with attorney-client privilege, which means we don’t have to disclose any information about you or your business to anyone! Check out our registered agent page.

How to File Florida Sunbiz Annual Report Online

Step 1: Go to the annual report filing page, here.

Step 2: Choose Florida Annual Report from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Type in the name of your Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Non-Profit.

Step 4: Select your business entity type:

  • Profit Corporation
  • Non-Profit Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Professional Corporation
  • Professional Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnership
  • Family Limited Partnership
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Trust
  • Other

Step 5: Choose which State your business formed or incorporated in.

Step 6: Enter the year of formation.

Step 7: Check the position you hold within the business entity:

  • Chairman
  • President
  • Operating Manager
  • Shareholder
  • Member
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Trustee
  • Beneficiary
  • Treasurer
  • Other (describe)

Step 8: Enter your name, phone number, and E-mail address and you will receive a reply from Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. within 4 business hours. You can always call us from 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, at (800) 603-3900 if you have any questions or need a free consultation with our business formation lawyers.

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