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Frequently Asked Questions

Incorporating or Forming Your LLC
  1. What is included in the Corporation Package?
    The Corporation includes:
    Articles of Incorporation, Corporate minutes, Preliminary name search, Corporate by-laws, Corporate Book, Stock certificate, Corporate seal.

  2. What information do I need?
    The information we need is the name you would like to use for the Corporation and the names, addresses and social security numbers of the people involved.

  3. How many people do I need?
    There is a minimum of one person required to form a corporation.

  4. How do I place an order?
    You may order online with a credit card and someone from our staff will call you to verify the information you submit and answer any questions you may have, or you may call our office directly and order over the phone with a credit card. You may also make an appointment to come to one of our offices if you prefer.

  5. Can I mail in a check?
    Spiegel & Utrera accepts cash, all major credit cards, cashier’s checks and money orders. However, we do not accept personal or business checks. We hope this policy does not inconvenience you.

  6. How long does the process take?
    The regular service in Florida is two weeks from the day you place the order. In New York the regular processing time is between 4-5 weeks. In California, New Jersey and Illinois the regular processing time for a corporation is approximately two to three weeks depending on the  Department of state processing schedule. We do have rush services available, should you need to incorporate urgently. We have Corporations called Reddi Corps available for immediate delivery which can be shipped today. We also provide Next Day and 3 Day Incorporation Service.

  7. What is a Federal ID number and why do I need one?
    A Federal Identification number is the equivalent of a social security number for a Corporation. You use this number to open a bank account, and start doing business.

  8. What is a Sub Chapter S Corporation?
    If you are a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States, this is generally the most tax advantageous type of Corporation you can have. A Sub-Chapter S Corporation does not pay any Federal Corporate Income Tax, so that the earnings of the Corporation flow directly to the owners.
    Sub S Corporations for: Florida  New York   New Jersey  California   Illinois   Nevada   Delaware

  9. I’m a foreigner, what is the best type of Corporation for me?
    Currently, the most tax advantageous type of corporation for a Foreigner is a Limited Liability Company. Similar to a Sub Chapter S Corporation for Citizens of the U.S., in a Limited Liability Company, the earnings flow directly to the owners, thereby eliminating Company Income Taxes. A regular corporation would be subject to Federal Corporate Income Tax and State Corporate Income Tax. These combined rates can be as much as 40% of the Profits.

  10. What is a General Counsel? How do I get one?
    Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. can act as your Corporation’s or LLC's General Counsel, allowing you to receive UNLIMITED phone consultations on your tax, legal and business matters. Order this valuable service as part of your incorporation process, and receive an additional one month Bonus – so that your first year of service will cover 13 months PLUS take a $50. discount, so you pay only $89.95 for the first 13 months of Unlimited Legal Assistance. This service includes the preparation of the Corporation’s Annual Minutes to keep the Corporate records up to date, a subscription to our bi-monthly newsletter, Entrepreneur’s Alert , and a review of the Corporation’s or LLC's Annual Report.

  11. Can my mailing address be a P.O. Box?
    Yes, but we will also require a physical address for the Corporation. The physical address may be a home or office. For a nominal fee, we can also provide our Corporate Address for the purpose of filing the Corporate Records.

  12. Can I form a Corporation with just one person?
    Yes. Usually a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director are listed in the Corporate Records. All of these positions may be filled by one person. In some cases, it may be preferable to incorporate anonymously, ask one of our attorneys for details.

  13. How do I find out if my name is taken?
    We will do a Preliminary Name Search as soon as you place your order and let you know if there is any conflict with the name on a preliminary basis. However, the name is not guaranteed until the Corporation is filed. If you need to open a bank account or have business cards or letterhead printed immediately, we strongly recommend having the Corporation expedited to secure your corporate name.

  14. How do I know if I have to file a DBA?
    If the Corporation will be doing business under a name other than it’s legal name, a DBA (Doing Business As) must be registered according to current Laws. We can register a DBA for you in conjunction with the incorporation process. We will ensure compliance with all applicable laws, including the proper preparation and filing of all registration documents.

  15. How can I protect my Company name?
    Once a company name is registered with the State, no other Corporation can be filed with the exact same name in that State. You may protect the Company name or the brand name of any service or product by registering either a State or Federal Trademark. For more information about Trademarks click here: Trademarks.

  16. Can I make my minor children owners of the Corporation?
    Yes, you may list your minor children as owners of the Corporation, under the Uniform Gift to Minors Act and you may act as Custodian of the minor child’s shares. All officers and directors of the Corporation, however, must be over the age of majority.

  17. What is Minority Business Status? How can I qualify for it?
    Corporations may apply for Certification as a Minority Business Enterprise. This certification enables a Corporation to compete for bids for various contracts under Minority Status. Because the qualification process can be complex, we recommend you speak directly to one of our Staff Members to determine whether Minority Business Status is beneficial in your specific situation.

  18. What is a Reddi Corp?
    A Reddi Corp is a corporation which has already been established and recorded with the Secretary of State. We currently have Reddi Corps that were incorporated as far back as 1995 in inventory. Generally, these corporations are also considered "anonymous", meaning there are no Shareholders, Directors, or Officers listed in the public records. Anonymity can be a major benefit of forming a corporation. These corporations have never conducted business and are sold free and clear of any liabilities, some have Federal Identification Numbers.

  19. I operate a Heavy Vehicle, do I have to file a separate Tax Return?
    If your Corporation operates a highway motor vehicle that has a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, your Corporation must file a Heavy Use Vehicle Tax Return. We can prepare all the documents involved along with your Corporate Records. Ask a Spiegel & Utrera staff member for more details.

  20. How do I know if I need to obtain a license? Can you do the paperwork for that?
    Spiegel & Utrera specializes in the legal aspects of incorporating and maintaining a Corporation. To obtain a license, you should contact the county and the city, town or village, where your Corporate office is located, or where you plan to do business and ask if a license is required for the type of business you will be operating.

  21. Can I change the name of my Corporation?
    Yes, you may change the name of your Corporation at any time provided the name you choose is currently available in your State, or you may register a DBA (Doing Business As) and keep your Corporate name.

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There are many benefits to starting a business and incorporating. Some of the benefits of starting a business include protection of your personal assets, ease of raising capital, gain anonymity, available tax benefits and more!

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