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(Shelf/Aged Corporations & LLC's)

Below is a list of our Client Owned Corporations and LLC's. Displayed, is the the name, asking price, date of incorporation, state of incorporation and contact information. Click on the name to view additional details about their Corporation or LLC. To list your Corporation or LLC below, submit your details here.

Entity Name: Asking Price: Date of Incorporation or Formation: State in which formed: Sellers Contact Information

Tricon Systems Ltd. US$ MAKE OFFER 07/07/1988 New York Nick Braak
Ph: (212) 810-2131

Alternative Health Services Inc US $9,800 05/16/2007 Colorado Andy Anand
Ph: (281) 698-0776

Infinity Group Services, Inc. US $14,500 01/23/2002 Nevada Danny Nguyen
Ph: (714) 381-2097

Bright Light Consulting LLC US $14,896 12/04/2007 Colorado Octavio Rivera
Ph: (802) 503-4222

Michael Gensel Electronics LLC US $12,941 09/12/2006 Pennsylvania Octavio Rivera
Ph: (802) 503-4222

24K Digital Media LLC US $4,995 02/25/2009 Delaware Giedrius Kristopaitis  
Ph: 604-259-2511

Capt. S. Loza US LLC US $900 or Best Offer 09/18/2012 Delaware Zach Vergiev  
Ph: 201-893-5756

Andromach Corporation $4,500 06/05/2009 California Sajid Raza  
Ph: 818-331-8878

Option-Tek, Inc. $15,000 12/13/1997 Illinois Silviu Bente   
Ph: 773-677-5526

James George, LLC $3,999 10/05/2009 California James George  
Ph: 909-910-0340

Jerusalem Agency, Inc. Best Offer 05/11/2001 New York Sebastian Gheith 
Ph: 917-687-1119

Daniela Kross, Inc. US $25,000 01/06/1999 Florida Larry Grosskopf
Ph: 305-216-0752

Sowlar Inc. Make Offer 06/19/07 Delaware Dan Ammar
Ph: 407-234-1488

Visionary International Inc. US $7,700.00 04/12/05 California Michael Baptiste
Ph: 818-748-8368

Jon Mitchell Inc. US $26,300.00 12/20/83 Wyoming Grover Howe
Ph: 760-705-7325

Marine Career Institute (Non Profit) Make Offer 05/19/1995 Florida Dr. Frank K. Myers, ScD
Ph: 727-403-1501

Terrasynch Inc. US $3995.00 10/14/05 California Deon Fletcher
Ph: 951-427-1373

De Soto Crest Acre LLC US $1000.00 OBO 11/07 New Jersey Brian Hendrix
Ph: 775-690-3862

Becerra & Company, Inc. US $2500.00 12/22/06 Nevada Sergio Becerra
Ph: 949-836-2339

Tri Investments, LLC Make Offer 10/03/01 Florida Michael Hydes
Ph: 866-935-8884

Leo 11, LLC US $100,000.00 04/21/06 Florida Donna S. Huffman
Ph: 239-826-6918

Marine Consultants, Inc. US $15,000.00 w/o assets 02/89 Florida Frank K. Myers
Ph: 727-937-5924

Advance Marketing Promotions Corp. Make Offer 11/18/97 Nevada Steve Jackson
Ph: 818-830-3973

Non-Profit - 501c3 Approved - Name Withheld US $11,999.00 03/06 California Richard Starr
Ph: 714-504-6800

KRC Ventures Inc. Make Offer 10/17/06 California Haig Avakian
Ph: 818-621-8080

KG International Enterprises Inc. US $3,995.00 09/09/05 California Haig Avakian
Ph: 818-621-8080

SM International Enterprises Inc. US $3,995.00 08/22/05 California Haig Avakian
Ph: 818-621-8080

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